Dadism – Do not fear not understanding… -RLW

“Do not fear not understanding. It is a natural part of the learning process. Do not be intimidated. Everyone started there. Even the most complex concept is nothing more than a series of simpler concepts strung together in a complex manner. If you cannot yet understand the concept than you need to break the concept down further. You cannot do this while caught up in a panic because you do not yet understand.”

RNF – Woods’ Imagined Phraseology Dictionary. Entries 2a & 2b

“Mutual Admiration Associations” and “Self Congratulatory Societies” – Similar to entry 1, “Artificial Construct of Relevance”, I crafted them as descriptors of any organization seemingly put in place primarily for the purpose of giving out prizes to it’s membership. ‘Enough about me, what do you think of me?’ Also similar to entry 1, the ‘tell’ is whether or not anyone outside of that defined bubble can find any discernible merit within that same construct. Again also like entry 1 they are typically used as a cute excuse to dress up and applaud each other but little more. Tea anyone?


  1. Have you ever been at a high zoot affair ostensibly put in place to benefit others not in the room and thought to yourself, “Why am I here? So much more could be accomplished if we stopped all of these stuffy speeches, packed up all of this pomp and circumstance, performances, food plates, bowls of punch, posh duds and big hats and donated the proceeds, speaker fees, and gifts set aside for someone seated mid head table to the very persons and/or entities we profess to be benefiting?” If so you are already familiar with “Mutual Admiration Associations” and “Self Congratulatory Societies”.

12.3% and “Give us the ballot” -Martin Luther King, Jr. with Voter Lookup Widget

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“It brings me to tears hearing … how important it is to vote, for the people that lost their lives, when we’ve had to almost try to convince people to utilize this precious tool.”

“This year, just 12.3% of eligible voters cast a ballot, according to numbers provided by the county (Ferguson). In 2013 and 2012, those figures were even lower: 11.7% and 8.9% respectively.” -MSNBC



For certain immediate action is needed in response to this tragedy, and justice needs to be served… and voices should continue to be raised until that Constitution backed justice is put in to action across the board… but if after time passes, after people calm down, after the protest numbers decline, after curfews are rescinded, after Police Chiefs and politicians finish their asinine press conferences, after the police put their tear gas, assault rifles, tanks and other surplus…

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