Fools and proximity… A Dadism and RNF combo pack…


Who is the larger fool, a fool or a person who knowingly argues with a fool? The casual observer is hard pressed to tell the difference. -RLW


Some will insist they are interested in an earnest debate when in actuality insecurity and insincerity will motivate them to instigate, irritate, obfuscate, intimidate, aggravate, infuriate and agitate rather than seek anything remotely resembling enlightenment, understanding or compromise. One does themselves a huge favor by quickly dividing the former from the latter and adjusting their distance from each appropriately. -ELW

RNF – Keep it simple…

Need for change is not always preceded by drama or trauma. By then the time for change may have already passed. Often times it is simply time to move on. Often times the call comes as a whisper not a roar. We must turn down life’s static so we can get a clear signal. In order to do that we need to be comfortable with silence. We need to tune out everyone else from time to time so that we can tune in to our calling. Our mission which is not for everyone to hear. Others may not understand, but that is alright. It is likely they were not meant to yet. Stop explaining and start doing. If we allowed life’s noise go silent right now I wonder what we would hear? -ELW

RNF – Camera safety…

Giving the appropriate swift vehicular deference to an ambulance resulted in pitching my camera to the floor boards hard today. First and foremost I hope and pray all involved in the ambulance’s destination a swift and speedy recovery. Proper perspective being established the camera was fine, which was a relief, but I will now go and consider blueprints for some manner of camera booster seat/mat/restraint. -ELW

RNF – Dairy inner monologue.

Just now…

Inner hypochondriac: I think this blueberry Greek yogurt has turned. I know blueberry. All I eat is blueberry and this is off. What is the expiration date?

Me: Ah. Label says this is black cherry.

Inner hypochondriac: Carry on. Hey, this is pretty good.