Beautiful People: A Wonderful Photo Shoot

Recently was hired to photograph an event. Got to put a lot of my practice and experience to work for this event. Also learned a lot while capturing moments from this event. So goes this process and I will be following up on what I learned on KEH’s blog site in the upcoming weeks. But while photographing this event and while going through the post-event editing process I was struck by how beautiful these folks all were. Every one of them. Not only aesthetically, but a wonderful energy permeated the air. With so much behavioral ugliness on display in the world these days it was very refreshing. Here I present a few samples of the hundreds of photos captured and delivered to share some of the beauty that was on display. Continue reading “Beautiful People: A Wonderful Photo Shoot”

Kodak Color Plus 200 Quick Overview

Not really a review. Some rambling then samples.

I am a friend of cheap affordable film. Will usually find me in possession of some manner of drug store or megalomart grade multi pack film. This film costs about the same, but when you factor in that Color Plus is 36 exposures per roll, rather than the typical bargain grade 24, that makes it even more of a deal.

Thoughts? I like it. Kodak Gold/Ultra Max, Fuji Superia/X-Tra and the like are all fine, but in my experience they tend to lean towards being more muted and also have a yellow or green cast to the entire frame at times. Not here. One color this film nails for sure is red (check the VW and Fire Truck in the samples). Does a great job with green, yellow, and blue also without taking over the frame. It’s like they should highlight this in the film’s name or someth… Right. Never mind. Also low grain. Nice sharpness. Like I said earlier, I like it. Here are some samples below as shot through a Contax T2.

Happy shooting.


This Old Camera: Pentax 645N. A Practical Impractical Camera

I have dabbled with a few medium format film cameras in recent years. Wonderful devices, but practical is not a word that jumps to mind. They kind of make no sense admittedly. If you want to use film 35mm cameras should do the job. Plenty of sharp lenses on 35mm. Plenty of great 35mm cameras. Nikon F-something, Leica M-anything, Contax G or T then number and on and on. But if you are looking for those things many like in pictures without even knowing why, like DOF, focus fall off and detail, it is hard to beat medium format film. Why not digital medium format? Go check out the prices of even years old, used medium format digital cameras at the big sites and come back. Start out with the son of Pentax 645N, the 645D, not even the more recent 645Z. I’ll wait…

You back? I know, right? Ok. As I was saying medium format film cameras.

Continue reading “This Old Camera: Pentax 645N. A Practical Impractical Camera”

This Old Camera: The Yashica Mat LM

So why a TLR? They look cool.

Started with my wanting to get my mitts on a Rolleiflex TLR. At first an f/2.8… Wait, how much? Ok, an f/3.5 then. That settles it. Wait, a Yashica f/3.5 for what now? So why an LM with an old tech selenium meter


instead of the 124G (great review here) and it’s battery powered meter? Continue reading “This Old Camera: The Yashica Mat LM”

This Old Camera: The Beautiful Zeiss Ikon Contaflex II

This one is overdue. While I have written about the wonderfully oddball, intricate, and beautiful tele adapter that goes on the front of it I have yet to write about this beautiful camera itself. As always plenty of information can be found online with a quick Google search (here is a great one). I honestly never knew this camera existed until I perused one day and it showed up. A few factors played a part in a quick and easy decision to purchase it. Continue reading “This Old Camera: The Beautiful Zeiss Ikon Contaflex II”

2 favorite compacts at 2 different price points: Contax T2 vs. Konica C35 AF2

Two things I appreciate are quality and bang for buck. It is easy to buy into a top notch experience. But it is very satisfying to find a more frugal path to an excellent experience, One example of this is the recent blog post I wrote for comparing the Leica M3 to the FED 2. Another would be two fully manual, waist level viewfinder 6×6 cameras I adore. The Hasselbad 501c…


and Yashica Mat LM…


Much different spend, but both are capable of great things when used carefully. Just realized I have not posted anything on the Yashica Mat LM yet. Must remedy that. But that is not the topic for today.

Today we visit the Contax T2 and the Konica C35 AF2. Continue reading “2 favorite compacts at 2 different price points: Contax T2 vs. Konica C35 AF2”