New Camera To Me: This time it is A7 part deux

I’ll try to keep this brief. Had an A7 (as a starting point to this post here) that I really liked, but never fully warmed up to. They have since added phase detect AF and image stabilization to part II and with time it has been nice enough to depreciate in to striking distance. Along with with a couple of other tweaks it has developed in to something I could really hold dear. Plus I love adapting old lenses and this has IS like the K-1, plus added mount flexibility owing to the inherently short flange distances mirrorless cameras have. Day 1 I am already impressed and I do not even have a proper AF lens yet. Samples from day 1 below. Original A7 gallery here and this will be home to the A7ii gallery. Happy Shooting.


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Scanner Files: Pentax ME Super w/ RPX 100 sensor and a 600mm Sigma Mirror lens for some

New roll back from SE Camera and has been run through the trusty Epson V600. Usually I am obsessed with sharpness and background blur, but this roll was taken a lot less seriously. Especially considering my being led to use the combo below.


Hindsight is 20/20, but using an f/8.0 only 600mm lens (donut bokeh! ahem.) for many shots with 100 ASA film (400 is my usual) is not optimal for sharp pictures… but perfect for oddball, blurry pictures that I still like. Gallery below. Happy shooting.

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This Old Camera: Nikon FE (What a beaut)

After keeping to my newly self established load one camera at a time rule I got around to loading the new camera to me, this old camera Nikon FE today.

No secret here. I love analog 35mm SLRs. Perhaps even more than medium format analog, which I also enjoy a great deal. Why?

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This Old Camera: Olympus OM-10 Sample Photos Added

Sample photos added.

Eric L. Woods

Sample photos added to the gallery at the bottom.

Soon there will be an Olympus OM-10 This Old Camera Post. A few things.

How? Felt led to visit SE Camera as I wanted another 35mm camera.

Why? Always in the market for another film camera, especially pedestrian 35mm ones as they are often in excellent condition and quite affordable.

What happened? While talking with Alex I noticed an Olympus OM-10 with my all time favorite 50mm focal lens (f/1.8 will do nicely) sitting on the counter. A few minutes later I had purchased it and a roll of Rollei RPX 400.

What now? Below are some photos of the camera and once I work through the first roll I will update with samples of what it can produce. If it produces images anywhere near as good looking as the camera itself it will be a win.

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