Eric L. Woods

Math good, pundits bad.

For months I have been barking at the bloviating talking heads on TV that numbers don’t lie, amongst other unkind words not fit for public consumption. They irk the engineer. Why do I watch? My brilliant attorney wife is a poli-sci undergrad and is glued to talking head programming for months leading up to elections. It is like her superbowl. A long, very dry superbowl. Of course I am hypothesizing since I do not follow sports and have not watched a superbowl, or any game for that matter, in about a decade or so. She’s glued while I am having a conniption fit when they discuss their ‘seat of the well paid pants’ opinions and meaningless, due to electoral college, national polls. Hey the odd couple thing works for us. My rant boiled down? Math good, pundits bad. The network and the pundits have to know they are full of it, but perpetuate the charade to sell ad space. Who would watch months of “Obama has this thing in the bag.” No viewers=no advertisers=no money. Hence the ‘news’ networks take on the statistical integrity of a WWF wrestling match. I’m convinced the pundits recent manufactured ire towards number crunchers was fueled more by their annoyance at having the Wizards of Oz’s drape pulled back rather than any real, verifiable accuracy counterpoint. You keep your gut random pundit-teer. Numbers are nonpartisan.

“Number crunchers got election right despite what pundits said”

President Obama triumphed on Tuesday. But the biggest winner may have been math…. After decades of…

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