Tesla makes the 1st credible, practical, desirable, affordable (relatively speaking) electric car

This car has set off fireworks in this car nut/engineer/IT person’s head.

My want, wish, fantasy list for a car has been:

  • Gadgets.
  • Sports car acceleration and handling.
  • Jelly bean shaped hybrid like mileage.
  • Decidedly not jelly bean shaped hybrid styling.
  • Room for 5 a must, 7 if possible, to fit my crew.
  • Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets.
  • SUV/station wagon amounts of luggage space.
  • Reasonable price for the features provided.
  • Different.
  • Most recently a panoramic roof has been added.
  • Gadgets.

Well Tesla has done what I had once thought was impossible and pulled it off. This car hits every mark on my list and then some.

(Screenshot and review below from Car and Driver Youtube page.)

Screenshot (15)

I have always been a massive car nut, which is why I went to engineering school. (But I started out in Steam/Gas Turbine Manufacturing near my childhood home in upstate NY at GE Schenectady then ended up in IT. At least the automotive career dream got me  through college, but Detroit was far from home, on the wrong side of too cold [NC is on the right side] and early 90s American cars were less than inspired to be kind.) In my youth I designed cars and also drew up plans for streamlined, aerodynamic (for fuel efficiency) big rigs with electric assist and an interlocking trailer design for smooth airflow on the road while retaining maneuverability. My Dad was a truck driver so why should he not also reap the virtual benefits of my vehicular machinations?  This car speaks to my every technology, design, and car nut interest. I do not follow sports at all, to my wife’e oft stated elation, but then I bore her to death with my incessant blathering about cars. This is the type of thing I would have loved to have worked on after college.

It all is a feat quite worthy of it’s naming as the Automobile Magazine and the Motor Trend Car of the Year 2012. I would be surprised if it did not end up on the Car and Driver Top 10 list this year also. I would say more, but C/D (one of the magazines I have subscribed to from grade school) contributing editor Csaba Csere gives an excellent review in the video below…

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