Correction: @GM not holding out stateside again. @Chevrolet comes to the rescue…

Extended car nut random neural firing. I am glad to report that contrary to my earlier post GM will be showing the American family some muscle car love. Behold our variation of the Australian market Holden VF Commodore SSV, the Chevrolet SS…

Granted they do seem to have dialed down the styling wattage a tad, but all of the important greasy parts appear to making the trip intact, with the exception of the manual. No matter, I choose to be glass more than half full about it. With the slightly duller duds I may escape notice of the local constable more readily, and with an automatic my left calf will not get a work out in traffic. Meanwhile I hope GM shows more love, advertising and longevity wise, than they did to the Pontiac G8. I’ll cut them some slack since they were bogged down in that whole apocalyptic US fiscal melt down thing.  I am sure my letter writing had no impact, but just in case now to start working on Ford. After writing a few emails (to no effect I am sure) they have finally sent us the fine looking Fusion, né Mondeo, (although my request for a turbo/manual option, 3 row, sports suspension dad-mobile of our own has fallen on deaf ears apparently) but I am also in it to get at the Australian market (they seem to have all of the automotive fun down there) Ford Falcon G6E Turbo. Looks like some more choices (in addition to the 300c, Charger, and SHO) for relatively affordable family fun are on the way once again. -ELW

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Brief car nut RNF: GM holding out stateside again. Much rather have an Australian market  Holden VF Commodore SSV (RWD/V8/manual option) Concept over an American market Chevrolet Impala (FWD/V6/automatic only). The Impala is a nice car in isolation, but no comparison. Pontiac G8; we barely knew ye.  -ELW

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