Eric L. Woods

RNF couched between 2 Dadisms – Choices…

“Who is the larger fool? The fool or one who knowingly argues with a fool? The casual observer will be hard pressed to distinguish between the two.”


When someone chooses to show anger choose not to join them. Anger in retaliation is not a show of strength, but rather exhibits weakness, or more specifically a lack of self control. It renders one nearly incapable of retaining their better faculties. Channeling energies in to a deliberate, coherent response (including walking away if need be) in the face of rage driven bombast confounds those who seek to condemn. The only good thing about anger is that it is a choice, not an inevitability. Even if you find yourself within the clutches of anger’s custody you are not under arrest and free to go whenever you choose. I am a witness.


“Anything easily obtained usually isn’t worth having.”


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