Windows phone ad (full length here) gave me a laugh. Plus an extended RNF.

In the interest of full disclosure I have owned 3 android phones (Nexus being my last, which I genuinely liked), one iPhone5 (decided to try one once they added 4G and free nav, nice phone), and now I own a Lumia 920 (They had me at free wireless charger. I am a sucker for such things. Plus it cost $99 and someone bought my iPhone5 for $500.? Yowza. Bought the Mrs. an android tablet she had been eyeing w/ the change.) The quality of my connected life has remained unaltered throughout. It is just a phone for Pete’s sake. I am perennially annoyed with the pointless debate between phone platforms. They are all little more than trinkets spearheading one digital media consumption ecosystem or another. Choose one you like, move on with your life. Please do not bore others with the details. In any event I still gut laughed at ‘Aren’t you a little young for an iPhone?’. They got me on that one. -ELW

P.S. I truly wish BB all the luck with their new device, choice benefits the consumer, but a brief foray in to the first BB touch screen phone years ago did nothing but challenge my cussin’ spirit. Decent concept. Execution needed some more work. Again I wish them the best moving forward.