Eric L. Woods

Extended RNF – We must fly higher…

Warning: Run on sentence immediately ahead. Three times in two upstate NY towns during my college years while working as a Transportation Construction Inspector II for the NYS Department of Transportation I was witness to birds ending their lives on the windshield of a vehicle while inside. Once as a passenger (outside Utica) and twice as driver (outside Schenectady). While a driver the occurrences were on the same morning and only separated by the time required to pickup donuts and coffee from a Stewarts nearby. After the shock of the sickening thud and sadness of the moment passed each time I had the same lingering thought.

Why would something capable of flying so high allow themselves to be struck down by something that is so hopelessly bound to the ground?

After some time I would ask myself the same question. Now comes the time where I ask the same of you.

You, yes you, are capable of so much more than you allow yourself to imagine. You are capable of flying so high. Take flight.

You must, we must, fly higher and not allow ourselves to be struck down by those things hopelessly bound to the ground. Unkind words. Unkind thoughts, Unflattering assessments of those gifts others are not yet capable of comprehending. Those persons bound who do not yet realize they too can take flight.

You, yes, you must continue to fly higher.


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