Eric L. Woods

PSA: People of Facebook, twitter, etc…

Please vet what you post before you post it. Between satire websites, wrong or misstated stories from actual news outlets driven by immediacy over accuracy, and out and out lies created to generate panic and outrage there is a lot of material out there that is not real. By putting forward inaccuracies as truth one becomes the unwitting participant in promoting lazy reporting, assisting fear and hate mongers in their dubious schemes, or turning something that may have been meant to be funny (?) in to something quite different.

In the last four days alone I have seen multiple falsehoods from made up satirical NRA quotes, old Chevy commercials used to ding Detroit police, false announcements about what the President did or did not say, etc. When I have to double check every single thing I see posted, it basically means I can trust nothing I see posted. Near pointless.

Of course there is always researching stories for ones self by old timey means of Google, Bing, etc (What is this li-bra-ry place you speak of?). but is also a good place to start.

There is quite enough actual foolishness going on in the world. No need to cloud things further by giving wings to falsehoods of questionable intent or origin.


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