Vintage Camera – Pentax SFXn

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This is my review of the Pentax SFXn camera body fitted with a Sigma 28-80mm F/3.5 zoom. I bought the camera body for £8.30 from eBay UK in March 2013, and paid £5.00 to have it shipped to me. As well as the camera body I received a small camera bag, the camera Handbook and some additional advertising blurb.

The camera dates from about 1989 and is an AutoFocus 35mm film camera.

Pentax SFXn Description and Design

The camera is of fairly solid construction and quite weighty, although quite well balanced when fitted with the Sigma lens I have on it. Most of the camera setting are made with small rocker switches on the camera top plate and another rocker fitter just behind the shutter button which can be moved with the eye to the eyepiece. There is a built in flash, fitted in the usual place above the prism…

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