A Day with Robin Wong

z u i k o h o l i c s

It was a great pleasure and honor for us, Zuikoholics to have an outing session with the well-known photographer and blogger, Robin Wong. With no need of further introduction, his writings and pictures in his blog tell more than a thousand words and  are followed by million of readers around the world. A humble and yet a very knowledgeable photographer, Robin Wong was more than happy to share his experiences, knowledges and his special photography spot around Pudu area with Zuikoholics. A big thanks from all of us.

In this entry, we are proud to share some of the photos and moments captured during the short outing. From us, we do hope for more collaboration between Zuikoholics and Robin Wong in the future – to boost our creativity, momentum and passion in photography.

Last but not least, we Zuikoholics would like to wish our readers a Happy New Year 2014..!

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