Eric L. Woods

Extended RNF – I have always been baffled by emotional allegiances to for profit entities…

I have always been baffled by emotional allegiances to for profit entities including sports, entertainment, technology, automobiles, politics, etc. That sports team is at the end of the day a corporation looking to make a dime off of the consumer. The greater the emotional allegiance that can be cultivated the greater profit. When I was a kid I remember being perplexed by a big debate centered around Chevy vs. Ford. Now I enjoy the study of cars, but at the end of the day they are cars. Except the Pontiac Aztek. <ahem> I digress. I understand having a preference but, for example, when a phone (and at it’s root that is all that it is) elicits outsize loyalty it mystifies me. That phone that is being cherished in someones hands at this very moment will be yesterday’s news in a scant few weeks or months. As mood, need, or good deal have struck I have used and liked both iPhone and Android devices with a yearlong Windows Phone dalliance thrown in for good measure. I am here to report that the quality of my life experienced not even a scintilla of meaningful impact transitioning between any of them. So… If iPhone and Android are Ford and Chevy would Windows Phone be Dodge?… Again I digress. Know that if I unwittingly stumble upon two individuals engaging in such pointless consumer based verbal fisticuffs (Nikon vs. Canon, Pepsi vs. Coke, The Clown vs. The King, and now one political party or another (they are all putty in the lobbyists wallets hands), some presently competitive sports team vs. some other, and so on) I will soon make myself scarce. Politicians divide the nation by terribly cynical means using tragedies for profit to keep the people distracted and their coffers full. They keep the general populace fighting over crumbs while the corporations run off with the cake. In conclusion: Whether sports team, sports player, political party, technology or whatever if you must choose something to have an allegiance to please allow others to pick their own without risking a lecture on the superiority of your personal preference. Relax. They just see things differently. Discord over discourse equals dysfunction. There are so many more meaningful things in the world to concern ones self with than upholding the honor of an enterprise whose primary purpose is to profit from you. -ELW

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