Minimize It!

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Minimalism, an artistic style that relies on “pared-down design elements,” succeeds because it doesn’t overwhelm the viewer/listener — you’re not bombarded with elements to process, thus you can more easily appreciate the whole work of art.

This is essentially the artistic embodiment of the maxim that less is more. But not only does this philosophy apply to works of art and design, one can also take a minimalistic approach to the tools used to create art.

Want to improve as a photographer? Minimize your gear.

Too Much Stuff

Most, if not all of us, have given in to the self-delusional — and ultimately self-destructive — idea that if only we had more stuff we would magically be better photographers; a macro lens, a wide angle lens, a fast prime, a super telephoto lens. Somehow, these things will be what propel us to the ranks of the globally esteemed.

Like I…

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