RNF – Photo post editing is a metaphor for life experiences…

Photo post editing is a metaphor for life experiences. Success is not based upon trying to make every single shot taken work, but in appreciating the occasional happy accidents while not obsessing about what did not go exactly as planned. It is about knowing what was simply a learning experience, what to swiftly discard, what to leave as is, what to spend more time on to make even better and ultimately what few you should choose to share. -ELW


Taken w/ my Lumia 920 (my camera was buried in my bag) leaving my Grandmother’s house in Harlem. Was with my wife, our adult son, and 3 little ones in tow. As we started across the street I noticed the frame about to unfold with the cab and the clouds. The balance of elements, the colors, the many pedestrians peopling the shot and my wife’s hand in the left of the frame were all happy accidents. None realized until we returned home from NYC.