Eric L. Woods

Bought a nice, light CSC Samsung NX300 so of course the 1st thing I did was make it larger.

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Had a Gariz for my prior CSC, the E-P5, and was so pleased with it that the 1st outfit accessory I purchased for the NX300 was another one of their fine, metal bottomed, tripod mount built in having, black rapid strap ready and open slot for battery/SD card access without removal half cases. The size increase is well worth it given the added protection provided. Was not able to find a second hand one on the cheap from BHPhotoVideo like last time, but they make a fine product so I coughed up the loot for full purchase price this time around.  The Gariz Design English language site and Amazon via Viva Outfitters, where I purchased it from, has as few as 1 in stock in black (brown has sold out everywhere since last week) so either they made like 8 of them total or there is a huge demand for them. The E-P5 model was similarly scarce. Either way if it is something you would like I guess one needs to move unless they plan on making more. -ELW





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