Dear Ford, Ditch SHO and bring us Ford Australia’s FPV GT F 351 please. Thank you.

Quick run down:

  • 351 Kilowatt (kW) (or 477.22716 hp according to the interwebs).
  • Manual Transmission so I can row gears again like I did with my first 2 cars. I am looking your way Chevrolet SS (a fellow down under GM/Holden derivative).
  • Seating for 5 so no one in my house gets left in the driveway.
  • Rear Wheel Drive.
  • Four doors so my kids will not have to do front seat belt yoga to get in and out of the back like I did in my father’s beloved string of 2 door, rear wheel drive, V8 behemoths (Road Runner, Chocolate Brown Grand Prix, Electra 225 with Special Order 403 Oldsmobile and Chrome Cragars specifically).
  • V8. I prefer a baritone engine note.
  • Not much else matters quite frankly. A trunk, headlights, windshield, and roof or something maybe.
  • In conclusion 477hp, manual and RWD.

I am not opposed to both this and the SHO (something whimsical about EVO/WRX like turbos and AWD for the AARP set), but if your portfolio can only carry one or the other the SHO has got to go.

FPV GT F 351. Yes, please. Thank you. -ELW

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