Eric L. Woods

RNF – The prevailing issue with debates…

The prevailing issue with debates, whether personal, public, or political, is that there has been no means found yet, even armed with facts, to counter irrational fear and paranoia with any consistency or sustainable effectiveness. Hate, bullying, obstruction, and intolerance are byproducts of irrational fear and paranoia. Fear and paranoia has been found at the root of any impasse I have witnessed.  Those who are driven by fear and paranoia fold in on themselves and create their own system of reality. Until that artificial construct of reality can be dismantled there can be no progress. Try all the interventions that you want to, but acceptance of truth can only be realized once the pain and suffering of ignorance far outweighs the false comfort it once provided. Painful to watch and endure, but it is an inevitable part of sustainable progress. -ELW

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