My Happy Birthday to me courtesy the BH Photo Video Used Department.


Received a pretty awesome freebie last week from a friend. I thought he was showing me a Minolta X-700. I raved over it and when I went to return it to him after examination he tells me it was collecting dust and he was giving it to me. One of the best gifts I have ever received quite frankly. Had been wanting a film camera from the same era of my father’s Pentax ME Super for awhile and this fit the bill perfectly. Now on to BH Photo Video.
wm_2014 Birthday to Me


First off I used to work just down the street from BH Photo Video. 7th Floor, 1 Penn Plaza MetLife IT office with windows overlooking 34th Street. My first job in Manhattan, later 68th and 1st at MSKCC, and kind of a big deal for a bumpkin from Colonie, upstate. I frequently went in to peruse the contents of this wonderful Willie Wonka factory for camera nuts, and geeks in general.

Back to now I wanted a sync flash and portrait lens so I checked out my favorite haunt Southeastern Camera 1st. They had a nice 25mm, but that is a bit wide for me and also it was an MC lens so full auto priority mode would not be available using this lens. I did also find a Vivitar flash built for a Canon that did fire, but did not benefit from the expanded functionality available on a purpose built flash.

Even though I have moved far away it is great to be able to still shop at BH Photo Video online. Previously I had purchased a like new Gariz half case for half price  and it was a pleasant buying experience. After only a few moments on the used page I located the items pictured above. Both were reasonably priced, in excellent condition when they arrived, and there was the added bonus of an original case for the flash (280PX) and a vintage zip hard lens case for the lens (135mm f2.8 MD). The used selection online was excellent, especially considering the fact that this camera model line ceased to exist a long time ago. I loved the images captured with this lens that I have seen online. Plus there is the added bonus of trying the lens out with an adapter on my Samsung NX300. I wanted a flash since I had grown accustomed to using a flash with my father’s kit.

I am enjoying the camera, but my progress in producing photos to my liking has been a little slower than I expected. Had thought I had experience with 35mm film cameras. Reality is that I am specifically experienced in shooting with a Pentax ME Super that I learned on as a child.  2 rolls in I am closer however and I expect this flash and lens will further accelerate this process. I close with a shot of my father’s trusty old camera next to my ‘new to me’ old camera. Welcome. -ELW

Father and son old school gear.
Father and son old school gear.