Ford. Send S-Max to US please. Thank you.

Upside (huge upside): I have a fantastic family of 5 in house and between my wife and I we have an extended family that defies numeration.

Downside: As a result I have suffered through a string of behemoth vehicular conveyances. I am now on Dad-mobile3 and Mom-mobile1. I have been pushing vans for a minute as a daily driver and we recently just gave up and bought a 2nd minivan. We have now owned 4 minivans. Sigh. I am so detached I can’t even tell them what model year it is when I get an oil change. My answer, “I don’t know. It is a minivan.”, then I fish for the registration or owners manual for reference.

I have watched the S-Max for some time from afar so I petition you once again. Send 7 passenger S-Max to the US. Please. Why?

  • Luxury options? No. Most offer that now.
  • Engine choices? No. Minivans here offer pretty good power. But who cares? It is not like I am going to be racing other Dad’s for pink slips at late night (late afternoon more likely) illegal minivan drag races.
  • Dual exhaust? No. Amusing if a tad aspirational for this segment.
  • Styling? No. Ford is to be commended for what they have managed with a bread box, but in the end it is still a very stylish bread box.
  • Image? No. My wife and I could care less about the ‘stigma’ of minivans. And we both think 7 passenger plus SUVs are just misshapen, overpriced, even more giant, space inefficient, gas swilling minivans.

So what sets the S-Max apart? One sentence taken from Top Gear online, “for a big, sensible car, it’s damn good to drive“.

Is that too much to ask? Every van I have had, regardless of maker or origin, has dramamine levels of float and understeers like it is on marbles, gliding towards curbs and ditches at the apex whenever I momentarily lose it and forget what I am driving. No wonder they put foot high sidewalls on the tires. They know you will be stuffing it into a curb at some point. It is like driving a low speed rolling inertia, velocity, momentum, mass, friction and trajectory physics experiment. Anyway, back to the topic at hand…

Ford. Send S-Max to US please. Thank you.