Gallery: My newest camera is also a phone… The LG V10.


Before I fell down the digital interchangeable lens camera rabbit hole a couple of years ago I was in to mobile phones a bit. Like cameras I was brand agnostic. I had Android phones, an iPhone, and a Windows phone. All did what I needed them to do. External, non-phone things drove my switches mostly. Had a Nexus, but Apple finally released 3G and a wide aspect ratio screen so I gave it a spin. Liked it, but a bit smallish for me. Sold it for enough to try out a Lumia 920 and buy my wife an ASUS tablet she is still using today. Loved the Lumia 920, and it had a great camera, but by then I had gotten in to cameras and Windows phones were not covered remote app wise. On to the the Note 3. Lovely phone. Loved the built in stylus in theory, but I rarely remembered it was there. Big enough. Fast enough. Then a few months ago I noticed that the software may have been getting ahead of the hardware. Laggy would be the word. Not horrible, but noticeable. Then a friend shows me his shiny Note 5… Your Note what now? I had forgotten about the 4 altogether. I still did not feel rushed to update since the Note 5 did not really wow me honestly. Like the 4 I thought nice case, but other than a performance bump it was essentially a form factor clone. Not a ding. Why mess with success? I get it. No rush, but I decided to pull the trigger Saturday. Before picking up dinner for the family I would swing by the local AT&T store and pay Eric a visit. A salesman there had given me great advice for my daughter’s first phone. Buy an ASUS Zenfone 2E ($109) from their pre-paid line and add it to the family plan. Genius. Not 2 weeks later the phone had a smashed screen and all I was out was $109 for another brand new phone. Perfect. So I went to see Eric again this time. I went in intending to get a Samsung S6 Edge. After talking with Eric for a few moments I was leaning towards the Note 5 briefly or just walking out once I learned there was no SD card or removal battery. Then he mentions the LG V10 and then points me to David where I hear the words, “Full manual control in photo and video mode, OIS, and RAW.” Then David adds “free 200GB SD card, extra battery and charger”. More words were said, jokes shared, parting handshakes, and then I walked out with the LG V10 and proceeded to get dinner. The phone stuff? Does it all very well. No lag either. Up until now I bought phones with cameras as an afterthought. The cameras were not bad in the last few phones. Just not good enough for me to leave home without a dedicated camera. Would this be. Could this be the first device that would cure me of my no camera nearby angst? My cameras will always have a place, but for daily tasks I decided to rely only on the newly acquired LG V10 for a few days and I am impressed. I am loving other features (2nd screen, 2 front facing cameras, solid build, aluminum side, etc), but none of that would matter to me if it were not for the photo results. I may write about the other featutes later, but here are the photos below. Well done LG. -ELW

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