Budgetographer notebook.


Loving this 36MP full frame IS f/2.8 70-200mm set up. The fact that the 2 combined cost me little more than some factory IS f/2.8 70-200mm lenses alone makes it that much better.

Lens minuses compared to more modern offerings:

  • Screw drive noisy compared to modern drives.
  • AF/MF on lens clutch redundant w/ on body AF/MF switch.
  • Not water sealed.

Lens pluses:

  • Cost me $525 used and is only $769 new.
  • Sharp as a tack
  • Wonderful colors.
  • The bokeh is very pleasing to my eye.
  • No impact on IQ, but I find it to be a handsome lens, especially with the hood attached.
  • Relatively light for this lens spec.
  • Comes with a hood and a very nice padded carrying bag.
  • Since the K-1 has IS in body the 2 combined make for an amazing value with no compromise image quality wise in my book.
  • Cost me $525 used… you get the point.

Will I eventually get the factory equivalent unit? Yes. The new Pentax is quite reasonably priced itself and is well worth it to get a modern focus motor and weather sealing. But with this Tamron there is no rush. Plus it is so good I will be keeping both.