Eric L. Woods

This Old Camera: Pentax ME Super or the start

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That is indeed three Pentax ME Super. There is another in the form of my father’s original that packed it in last year when my parents visited Grand Canyon. Up front is is the one I bought for my Dad, then the one I picked up for myself and another I bought for parts. In addition to nostalgia it is the it is also the SLR that prompted me to buy my first Digital ILS Camera a few years ago after taking it for a spin.  After buying my father a Pentax K20D to replace his Pentax ME Super left me with an ME Super sized hole I filled it recently. Then my father had a glint in his eye when he saw mine so I surprised him with his own. Enough rambling. Instead of using an era proper lens I chose the Mitakon 85mm f/2.0 because look at the thing on this camera!


Who cares what the pictures look like. Priorities off I agree, but there it is. The full roll can be seen here with some samples below.


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