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New and Old Camera To Me: Sony a6000. And the 20mm f/2.8 too.

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An interesting thing happened recently. After becoming enamored w/ the swift AF of the recently acquired 85mm f/1.8 on the 5 fps continuous focus A7ii I have been hunting for a used 11 fps a6### body to try it out on. Which one was easily decided. The very capable a6500 added IS, but was more than I was willing to spend. I rarely shoot video so a6300s 4K was not necessary. a6000 it is. Having come out so long ago I did not bother or try to find them on sale new, but after mistakenly searching the new collection of a site there it was. And for barely more than a used one in good condition, $499 body only. Only $100 more with a power zoom kit lens with OSS. $799 if you wanted a 55-210mm thrown in. As tempting as that 2 lens bundle was I have learned the hard way to never cheap out on a lens… Unless you like buying lenses that gather dust in the dark recesses of your bag or shelf.

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But first the body. Simply put it is a camera that I always wanted, but was not willing to pay top as new price for before depreciation. While I adore my orphan mount NX300 the Sony is roughly the same size, but packs many of the same options and adds:

  • An EVF
  • 11 fps w/ continuous focusing
  • A few more megapixels
  •  A built in pop up flash
  • shares a mount with my A7ii

Overall it bested the XT10, a great camera, in some respects, especially considering it’s size. The trade was put in motion and here we are.20170404_100439

So what lens? My inner cheapskate thrifty shopper was pulled towards the kit lens. But unlike the full frame 28-70mm kit lens this lens was not a keeper based on reviews and photo samples. What I kept coming back to was size. I loved the NX300 largely because of the powerful, portable combination it became when paired with the 30mm f/2 pancake.


More of that please. That only left me with one lens choice really. The 16mm was no darling of the reviews and it is a bit wide for a walkabout lens. I was interested in the less expensive Sigma 30mm, which was closer to my preferred APS-C prime focal range, but it was a tad large when compared to the 20mm f/2.8 I chose. I was apprehensive about the focal length, but this lens immediately won me over.

  • Lovely colors.
  • Sharp.
  • Tiny.
  • Great metal body.
  • Quick to focus.

I am well pleased. A bit more money, but well worth it. Here is a gallery link that I will be updating and below is a sample day 1 gallery. Happy shooting.



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