Gen II A7 Budget Grip from Powerextra

Since acquiring a camera that would take over daily camera duties I was free to bulk up my gen II A7 camera to accommodate larger lenses, aid in vertical shooting, and add an extra battery.

Had already tried one A7 gen II aftermarket grip and it flat out did not work out. Will not mention the brand as it may have been a bad copy, but I was done with them. Batteries were fine in that grip, but the buttons on the grip itself did not do anything, unfortunately.

Go native! What says you Sony? What do you have for me? How much now? Yeah, my money tree tells me that will not work out…

Perused the reviews across sites and hello PowerExtra. Two perks:

  • Dirt cheap at less than $50,
  • Good reviews.

Had no perks like a timelapse remote or anything, but I am alright with that. Had that before and never used it. So how is it? Let me get the one and only minus out of the way:

  • Plastic feels a touch cheaper and more hollow feeling than the body. Not terrible, but clearly made of less sturdy stuff than the original. (At $43 this is easily forgiven.)

Here are the pluses:

  • Retains the battery door holder so it does not go missing.
    • Instead of keeping the battery in camera and connecting power with a port on the bottom of the camera Sony’s grips have a piece that goes up into the camera to meet connectors20180421_235323-01 which requires you to first remove the battery door using a little release lever on the door. The door attaches to the vertical piece and locks in place using that same lever.20180421_235309-01
  • Attaches and releases with a reassuringly solid wheel and metal attachment screw.20180421_235452
  • Metal tripod mount that aligns with the lens centerline, though I would remove this grip before attaching to a tripod. Would hate to dump a camera due to a $43 grip no matter how solid it feels._DSC0895
  • May not feel the part, but it looks the part. While not an exact match the color and texture are a close enough approximation not to stand out._DSC0890
  • Buttons work just fine._DSC0891
  • I like the battery implementation. The release is well done._DSC0889 Has a dedicated tray that works quite well…_DSC0892…that slides into the tray with a dedicated connector that seems very secure._DSC0893
  • Works perfectly with the camera and two batteries are displayed.20180421_232429-01

WIll mention that the batteries no longer charge when in camera so you will need an external charger. WIll not mark it as a minus because I believe the factory grip is the same way. Also when you plug in the camera when powered up that becomes the power source with a little plug showing up where battery tray 1 was displayed.

Welp. That does it. Want a grip that does not match feel, but does well otherwise and you are cheap frugal like me? Give one a shot. Below are a few more product shots.

Happy shooting.