Vintage camera DIY part 2: Reskin for Contax 137 MA Quartz

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This is my second try at some cosmetic DIY. The first for a Nikon FE was a success. This time around we are looking at the Contax 137 MA Quartz. Great camera, but one downside is the well-known issue of disintegrating leather.

One solution is to simply remove the skin. Looks great, but renders the camera a bit slippery.


Solution? Ordered a black lizard print skin for $18 shipping included. Ordered one got two.

While tempted by the free cowhide skin I stuck with the black lizard print. The 137 MA instructions were missing from the 137 page, but I was able to find the 137 instructions on the 139 page. Steps below are based on those instructions.

Screwdriver for tucking the skin under the film memo holder.

Alcohol. Brushes. Pack of 30 was 97 cents.

Now I must come up with some manner of project to make use of the remaining 28. Needed one, used two. One for the alcohol to slow the adhesive while you are placing it (check the instructions).

Found the rubber cement brush a little bit too large so I used another to apply the rubber cement to the edges as instructed.

Result? Success.


Count me as a fan of this product. While I have seen videos that show how to make your own cover from scratch I would gladly pay $18 again to save the trouble if available.

Happy shooting.


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