Light and bright: 7artisans 50mm f/1.1

I stood no chance with this lens. Fought it as I did this purchase was inevitable. Why?

  • It is silver.
    • Yep. You read that right. I am a sucker for a silver lens. Especially when it matches the cameras switchgear. A real looker. We can pretend otherwise, but aesthetics are important. 

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  • It is bright:
    • F/1.1 makes low light and bokeh readily available. So bright you can see the shutter through the lens. Do not ever remember that with any other lens I have owned.
  • Very reasonably priced.
    • Recently very seriously considered buying my own old Mitakon 50mm f/0.95 for $567 used. These go for $799 new. The 7artisans is $369 brand spanking new with caps, adjustment tools, focus dealie, and bag.
  • Very reasonably sized.
    • As Karen stated about the Mitakon “That thing is heavy”. Enjoyed the lens, but it’s size and weight meant I rarely used it or carried it with me. The 7artisans is quite a bit smaller and lighter and earned a spot in my regular bag.
  • Well built.
    • Though much smaller and lighter than the Mitakon I would place the 7artisans build quality above it. Etched and painted text. Not a loose part. Great feel and damping to the dials.
  • Has multiple aperture personalities.
    • Wide open at f/1.1 this camera is it’s own variation of a dream lens. Crazy bokeh, sharp enough in a pleasing low fi way, and flares aplenty. Not to everyone’s liking, but I like it a lot.
    • Flares begone, bokeh calms down, and sharpens up a bit at f/1.4.
    • Sharpens up quite nicely at f/2 and beyond.
  • Versatile.
    • Works as well on film as on digital which was a factor in my purchase. With close focus adapter also expands its utility on digital.
  • Precise.
    • Comes with tools to adjust the focus. Thankfully I do not believe it will be necessary as it focuses just fine wide open as is. Convenient since this would require a digital Leica and I would rather avoid the whole process.
  • Fun.
    • In many ways this lens is fun. Love throwing different situations at it to see what it can do. Here I shot through a fence at night.
  • Great colors.

I’ll stop here. Fairly obvious now that I really like this lens.

Whether you own an M mount, wish to adapt it to an E Mount, or both this is a great choice.

Below are sample shots on film and digital and here is an ongoing album.

Happy shooting.






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