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Update. Fighting GAS. The precious vs. that new-new: G Master 70-200mm and Tamron 70-180mm

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I have changed my mind.

I previously wrote a post stating my decision to keep the precious, or what I have most recently called the Sony FE G Master 70-200mm f/2.8. But after I have had some time to think I have changed my mind.

Let me start my stating and then contradicting my own arguments for keeping the Sony 70-200mm f/2.8.

  • I have it already.
    • Not a very strong argument, especially with someone like me that has traded perfectly good gear many, many times before.
  • Like Spinal Tap it goes to 200mm.
    • Well I tested 180mm on my G Master and it did not make much difference at all in background compression or framing.
    • I can take one step forward.
    • If I could not step forward I was also reminded that on a few occasions I have cropped with the 200mm I have to good effect. There is no reason I could not do the same with the Tamron. (Example crop and original below.)
Kauffmann Wedding Shoot - The Wedding
Kauffmann Wedding Shoot - The Wedding
  • It is a proven entity while the Tamron is new and untested in the real world.
  • Heavier for a good reason as it is built like a tank.
    • Yeah. This same weight is why this tank stays at home. Left it again on last weekend’s graduation shoot and ended up using the Tamron’s 28-75mm smaller sibling.
  • Does not extend on zoom. I know that Canon went with an extended lens 70-200mm design also, but I prefer this not to be the case on a 70-200mm personally.
    • Prefer? Yes. Strong enough in isolation? No.
    • Taking a hard look at my camera bag it would really be nice to have more space in there.
    • Would also like using a long zoom that is barely larger than my 28-75mm.
    • Smaller size along with lighter weight I expect this to see way more use than the G Master.
  • Has buttons and switches.
    • Real talk. I never use these buttons and switches.
    • More than once one of these switches have been bumped by accident. So much so that I constantly check these switches to make sure they have not moved.

One thing I did mention last time was OSS or lens stabilization. The issue raised was using it with my non-IBIS APS-C Sony bodies. But here is the thing.

  1. In nearly a year of G Master lens ownership I have used it with one of these cameras exactly once.
  2. The size and weight issue with full frame bodies is magnified when using the smaller Sony bodies.
  3. Save a cheap PZ I realized none of the other lenses I use on crop Sony bodies have OSS so it is not as big of an issue as I had thought evidently.

Crop Sony bodies aside what of the superiority of in lens stabilization over on body stabilization? I had used the Tamron DSLR variant with in body only stabilization on Pentax and never had any issues I recall.

Pentax K-70

Some talk about OSS for video, but I do not shoot video often and when I do it will not be with this lens.

So if none of my prior justifications held water what was I on about? After careful introspection (Pandemic lockdowns allow plenty of time for this.) I realized the real reasons.

  • Ego. At that wedding last year a photographer in attendance remarked to his group that he was impressed with the precious on sight likely owing to its size and off white livery. I rather enjoyed that. After further consideration this is not a good enough of a reason to keep this lens in isolation.
  • Depreciation. The G Master depreciation was a harsh pill to swallow. But then I realized something…

While the G Master trade in value was less than I expected it is still worth quite a bit more than the Tamron is new. This means I could trade one lens towards completing a proper Tamron zoom trinity by also acquiring the also excellent Tamron 17-28mm f/2.8. (Photo below from Tamron website.)


  • Having mismatched mid and long zooms did my low level self diagnosed OCD no favors. I am very happy to be moving to a one brand lens trinity. And with Sony wide and mid zoom prices so high and my attachment to the Tamron 28-75mm there is no way on Earth that an all Sony set up would ever happen.
  • The 17-28mm and 70-180mm combined weigh less than the G Master 70-200mm which will lighten my load and expand my lens selection.

Yes please. This will not be the first time I have had a Tamron trinity. With Pentax I had the Tamron 10-24mm:

Homecoming Parade and Bon Fire

Tamron 28-75mm:

Pentax K-1

Tamron 70-200mm:

Small Town Parade

What next? More to come. Trade has been negotiated and will update once it has taken place. I am expecting great things from Tamron.

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