This Old Camera: Medium Format Corner – Pentax 645

Having just received my first lens for this camera today so not one roll of film developed I may be putting the cart before the horse, but I am so impressed with this camera already I figured I would proceed…

For family reasons I wanted to obtain 3 medium format cameras. It relates to kids and is kind of mushy so I will leave that there. Having had one medium format film camera fall in my lap and another call to me from beneath a glass enclosure at the local camera shop the only question was “What to get?”. While I like to claim brand ambivalence…


it is hard to ignore the fact that I have Pentax leanings.

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Gallery: Hasselblad 501c at Duke Gardens…


I typically do a test drive for all new and new to me gear at Duke Gardens. This last Tuesday was particularly hot, but I ventured out anyway and here is the result. I included all 12 frames shot including an accidental fire while the camera was hanging from my shoulder. Mental note: Do not leave dark slide in the car.