My love/kind of unfortunate (Never hate) relationship with Fuji Provia 100F slide film

Not that long ago I tried slide film for the first time. Specifically Fujifilm Provia 100F in 35mm strength. And wow. Everything I heard and saw was true. Beautiful colors and amazing detail.

Wilson then showed me a roll he shot on his Pentax 645. To which I internally responded, “Yes, more of that, please. And thank you.” So a roll of 120 film it is. What to use? First up slide film has only a few downsides:

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New Lens to Me: Zag instead of zig. An affordable vintage Takumar 50mm f/4 macro.

There is little greater joy for me than to:

  1. Save money. Love a good deal.
  2. Breathe new life in to old gear.

Not the first time I found an affordable macro option. See my frankenmacro blog entry for Sony full frame.  I really like macro lenses, but at times they are difficult lenses to justify. Due to their sharpness they do tend to make great lenses for other uses, even portraiture, but owing to their long focus reach they can be a challenge to use with autofocus. Focus limiters do help, but quick focus at normal ranges is not usually their thing and macro shooting still usually favors manual focus.

Fujifilm does not yet have a true factory macro yet since the 60mm does not focus down to 1:1 (cough, not a macro), may not be expensive but is definitely not cheap considering it’s rare distinction of being a relatively unloved Fujifilm lens going on reviews. The Zeiss Touit  50mm native mount option is a well reviewed lens with actual 1:1 macro capabilities, but costs just under a grand and I have a host of excellent lenses around that focal length already. Plus as is usual most recommend using manual focus when shooting macro… So why not get a manual focus lens? Having recently acquired a fantastic Zhongyi adapter that allows native full frame viewing angles with M42 vintge lenses while also adding near a stop of light I zagged to the Takumar 50mm f/4.0 Macro lens. Already familiar with what Takumar lenses can do this was an easy decision. Reminding me of one of my favorite previous macro lenses from Pentax it has a snoot (highly technical I know) that juts out making it’s macro intentions clear.


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New camera to me: Knowing need from want.

March 26, 2013

The day I fell down the digital interchangeable lens camera rabbit hole. Day one I only had access to the E-PL5 and kit lens, but it did not take long before I started accessorizing. The day before chaperoning for my daughter on a school trip to D.C. Olympus served me well even moving on to a different body (E-P5), but I moved on. Prime motivator initially? It was fun acquiring and learning different systems.

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I have a new favorite thing: Zhongyi Lens Turbo II Adapter

I love a good deal. Even more I love a good deal that keeps it’s promises and performs better than I could have ever expected for the price paid.

<In the voice of Morpheus> What if I told you that there was an adapter that would make a vintage 35mm lens perform in all of it’s full frame glory while adding nearly a stop of light on your humble APS-C sensor camera?

Wait. Don’t click away. I’m serious. I have pictures.

How am I confident in making such claims? Glad you asked. I have used an M42 to K mount adapter on film 35mm Pentax cameras as well as the full frame Pentax K-1.

Lenses in question as previously shot on the full frame Pentax K-1:

  • Helio 44-2 58mm f/2 

  • Takumar 50mm f/1.4 


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I come in peace: Crop Topic

Firstly I come in peace.

Many go grape nuts arguing about things that do not matter much. This is both generally true, but true with photography specifically also. Not always of course. Most people I meet from beginner snapper to pro photographer are typically wonderful. But comment sections are a badlands where ne’er do wells do dwell. What are the issues? Everything evidently. Canon vs. Nikon and on and on. Natural vs. Strobe. Mirrorless vs. DSLR. Sensor size. I could go on, but I am here mainly about the last 2.

But let me get a couple of things out of the way.

  1. Though I may be swayed by emotion at times I am mostly brand agnostic. How so? I sit here struggling to think of a brand I have not owned between film and digital. Canon. Nikon. Olympus. Panasonic. Hasselblad. Mamiya. Pentax. Fujica and Fujifilm. Polaroid. Holga… And on. Ok. Got it. Leica. And that is only because they are adamant about not depreciating. One day.
  2. I have used quite a few sensor sizes organic and digital. Mobile phone. Point and shoot. 1″. Micro 4/3. APS-C. Full frame. 6×4.5, 6×6. 6×7. 6×9. I have gone no larger in digital due again to cost. I have gone no larger with film due to sloth. Had an opportunity to pick up a vintage large format film camera, but once I got my head around what it would take to simply load the film I decided now was not the time. One day.

And we’re back.

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Fuji La: Or in the words of Ron Burgundy “That escalated quickly.”

More from the New Camera To Me file.

Hello friends. We are gathered here today to catalog my latest system churn adventures. Not that long ago I was all happy with my gear set up and had never owned a Fuji. As detailed here and here that changed when I fell for an old beauty of a rangefinder fixed lens Fujica medium format film camera that led me to search for a digital spiritual descendant.


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