Dad’s Last Roll of Film

Looking over my father’s cameras I came across his Nikon Lite Touch Zoom 140ED AF film camera. It was on exposure 24 of 24. My Mom shared that Dad may have not used the camera in a while, there were older shots he took of his grandchildren (a very Dad thing to do), ones he took at one of many parades attended supporting his granddaughters. Film was drug store grade Fuji 400 film. In these pictures, I see clearly how much my framing was informed by my father’s teaching so many years ago. Took a moment to determine how to use the last exposure, but the family decided to complete his last roll of film with a photo of his viewing. Here are all 24 exposures. Continue reading “Dad’s Last Roll of Film”

KEH Blog Post Preview: TECHART PRO II LM-EA7 plus a Helios 44-2

Next blog post for KEH will be about the TECHART PRO II LM-EA7. More details to come there, but the surprise AF performer has been the old school M42 mount Helios 44-2 58mm f/2 fresh off it’s usual Zenit E home. Very light so it balances well, and focuses in quite a bit so a decent macro look can be had. And with AF this lens really shines. Some samples below. Continue reading “KEH Blog Post Preview: TECHART PRO II LM-EA7 plus a Helios 44-2”

An evening of art, philanthropy, and a 7Artisans lens.

My most recent collaboration. News to share.

The Lorien Academy of the Arts is a wonderful after-school art program that holds classes so that young people are introduced to art in varying forms. As put on the website:


Continue reading “An evening of art, philanthropy, and a 7Artisans lens.”

Scanner Files: Yet another roll through the half fame Olympus PEN FT w/ Kodak Ultramax 400

I prefer 24 roll drug store grade film with the Olympus PEN FT (review here) because it makes for 48 exposures. With 36 exposures I tend to start wasting exposures to muscle through the last frames. The PEN FT is a beautiful camera that is great to use. Especially impressive is the 40mm f/1.4 that really squeezes a great amount of detail out of such a small exposure. Also enjoy the default portrait orientation. Here are some sample shots below and here is a link to all of my PEN FT shots.

Happy shooting.