An evening of art, philanthropy, and a 7Artisans lens.

My most recent collaboration. News to share.

The Lorien Academy of the Arts is a wonderful after-school art program that holds classes so that young people are introduced to art in varying forms. As put on the website:


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Beautiful People: A Wonderful Photo Shoot

Recently was hired to photograph an event. Got to put a lot of my practice and experience to work for this event. Also learned a lot while capturing moments from this event. So goes this process and I will be following up on what I learned on KEH’s blog site in the upcoming weeks. But while photographing this event and while going through the post-event editing process I was struck by how beautiful these folks all were. Every one of them. Not only aesthetically, but a wonderful energy permeated the air. With so much behavioral ugliness on display in the world these days it was very refreshing. Here I present a few samples of the hundreds of photos captured and delivered to share some of the beauty that was on display. Continue reading “Beautiful People: A Wonderful Photo Shoot”

A Most Friendly Legend: An Interview with Lonnie Graham

Adding contributing writer to linked in today. A milestone I have been after for quite some time. KEH contacted me a couple of weeks ago about being a contributing writer for the blog and I accepted. For my first contribution I wanted to interview and spotlight a photography influence and Professor Lonnie Graham graciously accepted my request. Read on to read the blog post and more importantly the interview I had with him.

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RNF – Mirror, Mirror I Believe in Love – Full Dance Scene… I am a sucker for a Bollywood dance number.

My daughter just asked the family to watch this movie with her. I do not know what hole I have been in, but this film utterly escaped my notice and having three kids this is an odd oversight. In any event we all enjoyed the movie immensely, myself especially for in it’s reimagining of the story it did away with tired old gender related tropes and allowed the main character, Snow White, to dispense with justice herself rather than merely being in the recipient role requiring rescue. Plenty of humor, effective effects (redundant much), some swordplay, humor and plus there was this dance number at the end. A win all around in my book. -ELW