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A Most Friendly Legend: An Interview with Lonnie Graham

Adding contributing writer to linked in today. A milestone I have been after for quite some time. KEH contacted me a couple of weeks ago about being a contributing writer for the blog and I accepted. For my first contribution I wanted to interview and spotlight a photography influence and Professor Lonnie Graham graciously accepted my request. Read on to read the blog post and more importantly the interview I had with him.

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I come in peace: Crop Topic

Firstly I come in peace.

Many go grape nuts arguing about things that do not matter much. This is both generally true, but true with photography specifically also. Not always of course. Most people I meet from beginner snapper to pro photographer are typically wonderful. But comment sections are a badlands where ne’er do wells do dwell. What are the issues? Everything evidently. Canon vs. Nikon and on and on. Natural vs. Strobe. Mirrorless vs. DSLR. Sensor size. I could go on, but I am here mainly about the last 2.

But let me get a couple of things out of the way.

  1. Though I may be swayed by emotion at times I am mostly brand agnostic. How so? I sit here struggling to think of a brand I have not owned between film and digital. Canon. Nikon. Olympus. Panasonic. Hasselblad. Mamiya. Pentax. Fujica and Fujifilm. Polaroid. Holga… And on. Ok. Got it. Leica. And that is only because they are adamant about not depreciating. One day.
  2. I have used quite a few sensor sizes organic and digital. Mobile phone. Point and shoot. 1″. Micro 4/3. APS-C. Full frame. 6×4.5, 6×6. 6×7. 6×9. I have gone no larger in digital due again to cost. I have gone no larger with film due to sloth. Had an opportunity to pick up a vintage large format film camera, but once I got my head around what it would take to simply load the film I decided now was not the time. One day.

And we’re back.

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This Old Camera: Hasselblad 501c – V Series Camera


My first post ever about the Hasselblad 501c said:

I count my 1st ever roll of film through a Hasselblad camera (acquired recently from a friend who made me an offer I could not refuse) a success. Thank you interwebs and Southeastern Camera-Carrboro for the tips. First and last frames done in before they had a chance by yours truly and have inspired my new mantra, “Always cock shutter before putting on film back after playing with camera body. Always…”. Not counting those. Of the remaining ten, nine came out so I am thrilled.

Now that I have had time with this camera I wanted to revisit and update this post.

If I had to use one word for this camera it would be respect. Respect for the heritage. Respect for the quality of the image it produces. Respect for the way it distills the process of taking a picture down to it’s most essential elements. There is a lot of talk about how manual film cameras make you slow down, but along with that these cameras force you to think. Why? Glad you asked:

  • Novice prism disorientation. This was my first time with a waist level viewfinder. While the viewfinder clarity is amazing it takes a bit of time to get used to left and right being reversed. Not too difficult, but it takes a minute and also inspires you tho think about your shot.

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