Contax 137 MA Quartz Part 3: Photo Update

My first post about the Contax 137 MA Quartz was a leap of faith.

Faith in the Contax name. This is my fourth (35mm) Contax and each has been rock solid.

Faith in bargain grade. Have purchased many an item bargain grade from KEH and each has been rock solid.

My second post was about the new covering I put on it. Very happy with that.

Ah. Lenses. Purchased the excellent normal Contax Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm <inhales> f/1.7 with the camera.

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Maxxum 7 and Maxxum 7D: Analog and Digital Vintage Wonderfulness Twins

If photography needs to make sense you are probably not doing it right.

I started uttering this half-jokingly some time ago in response to being drawn to a piece of gear or a photo idea that steps outside the realm of the reasoned. Usually having to do with film somehow. (Brace yourself. This is a long one.)

No difference here. The usual starting place…

So there I was surfing the interwebs researching some random notion that washed over my psyche with no warning and I realized that there existed an Alpha 7 before the Alpha 7. More specifically the Minolta Alpha 7. And it was gorgeous. Was a good camera also I heard.

Never knew this camera existed, but now that I did I must have one.

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This Old Camera: Pentax 645N. A Practical Impractical Camera

I have dabbled with a few medium format film cameras in recent years. Wonderful devices, but practical is not a word that jumps to mind. They kind of make no sense admittedly. If you want to use film 35mm cameras should do the job. Plenty of sharp lenses on 35mm. Plenty of great 35mm cameras. Nikon F-something, Leica M-anything, Contax G or T then number and on and on. But if you are looking for those things many like in pictures without even knowing why, like DOF, focus fall off and detail, it is hard to beat medium format film. Why not digital medium format? Go check out the prices of even years old, used medium format digital cameras at the big sites and come back. Start out with the son of Pentax 645N, the 645D, not even the more recent 645Z. I’ll wait…

You back? I know, right? Ok. As I was saying medium format film cameras.

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This Old Camera: The Beautiful Zeiss Ikon Contaflex II

This one is overdue. While I have written about the wonderfully oddball, intricate, and beautiful tele adapter that goes on the front of it I have yet to write about this beautiful camera itself. As always plenty of information can be found online with a quick Google search (here is a great one). I honestly never knew this camera existed until I perused one day and it showed up. A few factors played a part in a quick and easy decision to purchase it. Continue reading “This Old Camera: The Beautiful Zeiss Ikon Contaflex II”

This Old Camera/Scanner Files: The mighty little Contax T2

Being smitten with the Contax G Boys I wanted more, but less. More of that Contax/Zeiss goodness, but in a smaller package. Decided on the T range. Ruled out the Contax T since it was MF only and the flash was not built in (Personal preference. Don’t come at me T fans.). Went for the Contax T2. Why not the Contax T3? Because I did not see a great gain for the extra cost and I was not as enamored with the aesthetics as the T2 (Again. Personal preference. Don’t come at me T3 fans.). Plus neither has a slidey door thing that I have already lost minutes potentially wearing out. Continue reading “This Old Camera/Scanner Files: The mighty little Contax T2”