Olympus PEN-F… No, not that one. The new, digital one.

I wanted the Olympus PEN-F since the moment it came out. Why?

Co-Op City, The Bronx


Combine the two bullets above, along with my appreciation for the film Olympus OM10 (on the left below),

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Olympus M.Zuiko 17mm f/1.8: What a difference experience makes…

…and time, and the camera used, etc. Had this lens before, but kvetched about the focal length a bit before moving on to the Olympus 25mm. Did not appreciate it as I should have. Did not expect to buy it again. What happened? Glad you asked. Simple. I used it with a new perspective. Recently it was the lens I used to test drive a second hand PEN-F that Southeastern Camera had in store. I do not know what I was thinking before, but I now love this lens. Why? Here is a list.

  • Let’s get the non-technical bits out of the way first. All metal premium construction. Has nothing to do with the optics, but it matters. Feels like my favorite old film lenses and looks the business on the PEN-F. Even stacks up well aesthetically next to one of my all-time film favorites that also happens to be an Olympus.20171215_014101-01.jpg

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Take 2: Olympus M.Zuiko 40‑150mm F/4.0‑5.6 ED

As shared in a recent post I have re-entered the MFT system. With that I have started re-acquiring my favorite lenses from my earlier foray and acquiring a few that have become available since. Some are an amazing value and this lens sits on top of the MFT, or any system, bang for buck pile in my opinion. The Olympus M.Zuiko 40‑150mm F/4.0‑5.6 ED.


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This Old Camera: Olympus OM-10 Sample Photos Added

Sample photos added.

Eric L. Woods

Sample photos added to the gallery at the bottom.

Soon there will be an Olympus OM-10 This Old Camera Post. A few things.

How? Felt led to visit SE Camera as I wanted another 35mm camera.

Why? Always in the market for another film camera, especially pedestrian 35mm ones as they are often in excellent condition and quite affordable.

What happened? While talking with Alex I noticed an Olympus OM-10 with my all time favorite 50mm focal lens (f/1.8 will do nicely) sitting on the counter. A few minutes later I had purchased it and a roll of Rollei RPX 400.

What now? Below are some photos of the camera and once I work through the first roll I will update with samples of what it can produce. If it produces images anywhere near as good looking as the camera itself it will be a win.

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