Mirrorless 70-200mm conundrum: Old friend Pentax came to the rescue.

At times our goals contradict each other and this happened with me recently.

  1. Value means a lot to me. May seem odd when discussing photography where many would argue that a mobile phone will do. But even in this realm, I always seek the most frugal option available to meet an end.
  2. Had recently moved to full frame mirrorless, A7III specifically.
  3. Had been a while, but I wanted to get a hold of a 70-200mm f/2.8 or equivalent again.

So why not go with a 70-200mm f/2.8 or equivalent for mirrorless?

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Pentax FA 77mm f/1.8 Limited Review

Right off the bat this is a top 5 lens for me. Perhaps top 3.

I had Pentax DSLRs a couple of times before and this lens was on my radar both times. With my recent return to Pentax, I bought a used copy. Immediately became very attached to it, but then to my great disappointment, it broke. Returned it. Hurt to do so. Tried to let it go. Then it went on sale… new… and very silver… for about what I paid for the used one.

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Love DSLRs. But I chose mirrorless because I love film gear more.

A valid response to this blog title is “What?” Allow me to explain. Or try to anyway.

These are interesting times. A lot of virtual ink is spilled debating between mirrorless or DSLR. Most points made miss the point for me really. Sure, I chose mirrorless. But my choice has nothing to do with a dislike for DSLRs. I love DSLRs. But I love film cameras more.

But, but… Battery life… OVF over EVF… Native lens selection… AF speed… Dual card slots… So on and so forth. Meh. Gladly put up with all of this. (And most of these concerns are being eliminated by the most recent wave of mirrorless cameras. An A7iii will be in my future and it may go down as the industry tipping point.) But once again film tech is what changed my mind.

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