Solving My Sony 50mm Conundrum, aka Cony, aka Frankenmacro Part II

Three things:

  1. I LOVE 50mm lenses.
  2. I LOVE (ok really, really like) Sony mirrorless cameras.
  3. Finding a proper 50mm lens for Sony mirrorless has been a struggle up to this point.

But “What about lens XYZ?” you may be saying. My criteria may be considered odd by some. My expectations for 50mm lenses are informed by my early experiences with 35mm film. Namely:

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Pentax FA 77mm f/1.8 Limited Review

Right off the bat this is a top 5 lens for me. Perhaps top 3.

I had Pentax DSLRs a couple of times before and this lens was on my radar both times. With my recent return to Pentax, I bought a used copy. Immediately became very attached to it, but then to my great disappointment, it broke. Returned it. Hurt to do so. Tried to let it go. Then it went on sale… new… and very silver… for about what I paid for the used one.

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