The Soloist

by Eric L. Woods

The surrounding world sings of pain

While I practice the art of being vain

All around me people become annoyed

Crooners glance they struggle to avoid

The words he sings are foreign to me

But his torment is plain to all that see

Why do people disapprove of his world?

Nasty glance, terse words, snickers hurled

Could it be that he is happier than I?

His conscious free, singing proud to the sky

Who am I, or we, to judge sanity?

Seems that none of us are truly free

Society has taught us to cover despair

While he casts perceived dignity to air

Between tormented words sung out loud

He smiles to his imaginary crowd

I leave him this evening to his song

To condemn his expression would be wrong

Instead I mutter a prayer or two

In hopes blessings granted won’t be few

He will fade gently into my past

Memories of his song will forever last

RNF: Authenticity – Studying a new song from a favorite hip hop artist and this poem was the result.


-Eric L. Woods


click clack,

mac lack,

whack track,


For ‘n’ word they have a knack,

Exposing their lyrical lack,

Nothing resembling tact,

Dope song more than dope track,


click clack,

mac lack,

whack track,


Profound lost in profanity,

Seeking a thread of sanity,

All lacking in authenticity,

Sounding a little sad to me,


click clack,

mac lack,

whack track,

Try to bob my head…

left uninspired instead.

RNF – Remember the short shelf life of a lie… A poem by -ELW

Remember the short shelf life of a lie… for time is truth’s most powerful ally.

Do not worry and fret when baseless rhetoric is thrown.
When men and women of weak conscious do moan.
And let their fear and ignorance be shown.
While champions of right.
Know they have won the fight.
Despite displays of hatred’s might.
Lift their heads keeping victory in sight.
Truth trumps darkness for history is the friend of light.

Remember the short shelf life of a lie… for time is truth’s most powerful ally.

-Eric L. Woods
Written 12/05/2013
in honor of Nelson Mandela’s memory and eternal legacy.

Thoughts of Narcisa – A poem…

Thoughts of Narcisa©

(A poem written just before I met my wife years ago.)

by Eric Lenard Woods

Inside me lies emptiness…
A void of width and breadth of infinite dimension
No tangible means of filling this void
All so far have failed to cure this disease
This gnawing, aching within me

For inside me lies emptiness…
This cavity in my heart, my soul
What I desire or rather require is not easily obtained
It cannot be felt by one of the senses alone
Only sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing in symphony

But still, inside me lies emptiness…
Felt only through the body to enlighten the soul
Without this I am not whole, but a sliver, a fraction
Unable to reach full potential
Out there exists a woman

Do you know that inside me lies emptiness…
A woman who not only removes the pain
One that does not only see the surface symptoms
But will fill this void with what she can, she will
For not only is there a void

Inside me lies more than emptiness…
Not only do I need assistance
I can provide as well as receive
Love unequaled, warmth immeasurable, passion sincere
Words could never describe

I could fill her emptiness…
Hearts exposed, souls mended, fears removed
Bliss eternally, misery nonexistent
All left would be joy
There is such a woman, and I will find

Emptiness will only be in the thoughts of the past.