Scanner Files: Yet another roll through the half fame Olympus PEN FT w/ Kodak Ultramax 400

I prefer 24 roll drug store grade film with the Olympus PEN FT (review here) because it makes for 48 exposures. With 36 exposures I tend to start wasting exposures to muscle through the last frames. The PEN FT is a beautiful camera that is great to use. Especially impressive is the 40mm f/1.4 that really squeezes a great amount of detail out of such a small exposure. Also enjoy the default portrait orientation. Here are some sample shots below and here is a link to all of my PEN FT shots.

Happy shooting.


Another roll of @Lomography 400: Love this stuff. #heylomograhy

Lomography 400 is one of my favorite films. Have written about it before.  800 is amazing also offering similar performance with barely noticeable grain but is constantly in short supply evidently. It has long been out of stock on lomography’s site and my local camera shop has not fared better. At any price I would like this film. At around $15 for a 3 pack 35mm or 120 it is a straight-up bargain. Continue reading “Another roll of @Lomography 400: Love this stuff. #heylomograhy”

My love/kind of unfortunate (Never hate) relationship with Fuji Provia 100F slide film

Not that long ago I tried slide film for the first time. Specifically Fujifilm Provia 100F in 35mm strength. And wow. Everything I heard and saw was true. Beautiful colors and amazing detail.

Wilson then showed me a roll he shot on his Pentax 645. To which I internally responded, “Yes, more of that, please. And thank you.” So a roll of 120 film it is. What to use? First up slide film has only a few downsides:

Continue reading “My love/kind of unfortunate (Never hate) relationship with Fuji Provia 100F slide film”