Love this commercial…

I have been a car nut for as long as I can remember and I am still a car nut despite my current stable of hoop-ds. A wagon and a minivan even. Shudder. Priorities and all you know. Oh, the beautiful 3 little priorities.

In front of my father’s Road Runner. In my mind it was my car and I was staunchly against it’s sale. Unfortunately wee folk had symbolic, non-voting membership in the nation of Woods.

Originally became an engineer with the intentions of working in automobile manufacturing. Life is funny. Instead I started my career working in Steam Turbines and deviated in to IT somewhere along the way with ministry on top. Anyhoo… In my head this commercial embodies my highly stylized imaginary version of what it would be like to work in the automotive industry. It makes me forget that the Dart is in actuality not a clean sheet design, but instead based on a highly modified Fiat platform. Maybe one day I will be released from the hoop-d wagon/minivan penalty box. Until then I will enjoy distractions such as my subscriptions to every imaginable car magazine, a DVR chock full to bursting of Top Gear (UK and US), Wheeler Dealers, Fast & Loud, What’s My Car Worth?, Counting Cars, etc. and the subtle genius of quirky commercials like this…

Emotion vs. Compassion RNF


Due to my demeanor, tone, and propensity for echoing the phrase “That is not logical.” with no sense of irony I was referred to as Spock more than once in my youth. As I did then I offer that compassion is a central requirement for a rational conclusion, but fleeting emotions have no place. Emotion will often (admittedly not always) lead to a detachment from our better mental faculties which can lead to conjuring up solutions to long term issues with a short term perspective.

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If photography needs to make sense you might not be doing it right.