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Pro Bono Work for local mentoring program


While testing a lens set up at Duke Gardens ran across a group that asked me to take a photo of them with their cell phone. Did, but also grabbed this shot with one of my favorite lenses, the vintage Helios 44-2.


More information at, but in short they mentor youth through school on into college. And that is something we at 1976Photography strongly believe in. Stayed in contact with Mr. Lejuan Walker and was invited to capture a graduation luncheon for the group. Full photo session album here and below are some samples.


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This Old Camera: Olympus OM-10 Sample Photos Added

Sample photos added.

Eric L. Woods

Sample photos added to the gallery at the bottom.

Soon there will be an Olympus OM-10 This Old Camera Post. A few things.

How? Felt led to visit SE Camera as I wanted another 35mm camera.

Why? Always in the market for another film camera, especially pedestrian 35mm ones as they are often in excellent condition and quite affordable.

What happened? While talking with Alex I noticed an Olympus OM-10 with my all time favorite 50mm focal lens (f/1.8 will do nicely) sitting on the counter. A few minutes later I had purchased it and a roll of Rollei RPX 400.

What now? Below are some photos of the camera and once I work through the first roll I will update with samples of what it can produce. If it produces images anywhere near as good looking as the camera itself it will be a win.

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